The French champion that has revolutionized
the graphing calculator industry

Founded in 2016, NumWorks has created a calculator tailored to the needs of the new generation of teachers and students. With this innovative product, NumWorks has revolutionized the use of graphing calculators by providing user-friendliness and elegant design.

In less than 5 years, by leveraging the contribution of the teaching community, NumWorks has become the leader in France’s “hard-to-disrupt” graphing calculator market, historically dominated by several international hegemonic players.

Building on the experience gained in the French market, NumWorks has started its international expansion in Europe (e.g. Portugal, Netherlands, Italie, United Kingdom…) and in the US.

Investment date
June 2023

Key figures

Year of creation
800 000
Calculators sold since inception
Women within the team


NumWorks - Amélie Brossier

" We have been truly impressed by the success of NumWorks and the ability of its teams to reinvent products by combining hardware and software expertise, while involving stakeholders in the development of solutions. We are convinced that there is much to be done to create even more useful and user-friendly educational solutions, serving the learning of scientific subjects for the benefit of the many. "

Amélie Brossier, President and Founder of Aldebaran

NumWorks - Romain Goyet

" It was crucial for my team and me to find a partner that could enable us to embark on a new phase of our development, while understanding and respecting our DNA. We found in Aldebaran the ideal partner, a specialist in transformation and a promoter of the human factor in its approach and daily work. "

Romain Goyet, founder of NumWorks

NumWorks - Léo Solé

" Our team is proud to contribute to the teaching and learning of scientific subjects by offering intuitive and accessible tools for all. We are at a turning point in our development. We are thrilled to have found in Aldebaran an ambitious partner who will help us tackle the numerous challenges ahead: accelerating our international expansion, developing our hardware and software offerings, and expanding our team. "

Léo Solé, President of NumWorks

Getting started on the NumWorks graphing calculator

Interview with Léo Solé, President of NumWorks

Interview with Emilie Féral, CTO of NumWorks

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