1. We are a transformation fund dedicated to SMEs

We focus on SMEs facing complex challenges: transitional situations related to a change or a strategic rebound, complex carve-outs, transition in family businesses, and transformational market consolidations.

2. Our primary ambition is sustainable and profitable growth

Our mission is to support management teams in the success of their strategic and operational objectives. Our ambition is to support companies facing complex situations to get back on track to sustainable and profitable growth.

3. We put human capital at the heart of our transformation projects

We build corporate stories around a collective project. No company can transform itself without the support of its stakeholders. This is why we put human capital at the core of our investment strategy. We mobilise all our internal (investment team and value creation team) and external resources (Ambassadors and expert networks) for you. Together, we drive transformation.

4. We are building a new model: responsible transformational investments

Helping companies to transform themselves while facing complex challenges requires more than just equity. On top of trusted relationships with managers, in-depth understanding of strategic and managerial issues, we have developed a value creation transformation method. This method is based on a strong collaboration with the management team, bespoke transformation journeys and the full integration of ESG initiatives. This method unlocks hidden value and delivers unique track record.

5. We live complexity

Situations are never as obvious as they seem and making investment decisions in companies in complex situations requires conviction. Every day we dig deep into the challenges faced by our portfolio companies and we implement all possible value creation levers to respond with agility and pragmatism.

6. We know what we want to do with you

We are not a traditional private equity fund. We support companies with solid fundamentals that are temporarily encountering complex situations related to their market, business model, governance and/or balance sheet structure. We focus on companies with revenues ranging from €20m to €300m for which we have conviction, sector knowledge and a clear investment thesis. We want to invest in companies to unlock their full potential. We invest equity tickets ranging from €15m to €60m as the majority shareholder.

7. For us, every investment matters

We like to meet with founders and management teams very early on, to build a relationship, well before any transaction, and to set common goals. Our business requires a concentrated portfolio to better monitor companies. We work hand in hand with the management teams and co-construct tailor-made transformation plans with them. We then support management teams in the deployment of the transformation journeys, at the right pace.

8. We are more than investors

We are investment entrepreneurs: we have chosen the most difficult path, creating a new business from scratch, building our team and bringing our investors together, in line with our vision and mission. We are also investment operators, a complementary team of investors and experts from the corporate world who provide a dual perspective throughout the holding period. We do not hesitate to add our skills and those of our network of Ambassadors to help you meet your challenges.

9. We are here for the long term

We know from experience that transformation takes time. We build a partnership by choice, for the long term. We invest so that the choices made under our ownership are sustainable, and in line with the values upheld by the leading institutions that support us.

10. Why do we call ourselves "Aldebaran"?

Aldebaran is the brightest star in the astrological constellation of Taurus. This is our way of saying that we want to guide and enlighten companies on the path to their transformation. It also represents the strength and intensity that we want to instill in the management teams of our companies. And finally, it is a strong nod to the comic strip "The World of Aldebaran" which highlights the relationship between human beings and the planets as we put ESG at the heart of our value creation method.