It is no coincidence that we bear the name of Aldebaran. Such as the comic strip “The World of Aldebaran”, which emphasizes the relationships between human beings and different planets, Aldebaran is a vector of the environmental and social issues in the companies in which it invests. We are committed to making responsible investments, while also seeking to create value for our stakeholders.

Our approach

ESG is central and native to the culture of the firm.
Aldebaran is able to influence the ESG policy of portfolio companies to enhance sustainability, but we also believe ESG improves operational efficiency. Aldebaran focuses on the following topics:

  • Environmental impact (energy efficiency, soil decontamination, carbon footprint and waste measurement…)
  • Employee relations (job creation, diversity, safety…)
  • Corporate governance (employee shareholding, ethical conduct…)
  • Relations with external stakeholders (responsible supply chain…)

To find out more, read our ESG policy


Our commitments

ESG is a collective and long-term process involving the entire team.

Aldebaran seeks equity stories that are creating value while being meaningful and useful. It looks to achieve sustainable value creation in its portfolio companies by accelerating their transformation and ensuring durability.

To date, Aldebaran is a signatory of the Charter of France Invest and adheres to the France Invest Charter for gender parity.