Aldebaran is a French investment company dedicated to the transformation of SMEs facing complex challenges.  This is a new model for transformation investing.


Investment policy


targeted investments
Majority shareholdings
alongside management teams
€15m to €60m
equity ticket
per deal
€20m to €300m
in revenues for targeted companies

Types of operations


One type of company

SMEs with strong fundamentals and untapped potential, facing complex situations which can either come from their market, their business model, their governance or their balance sheet structure

4 situations

  1. Strategic change or rebound
  2. Complex carve-out
  3. Transition in family businesses
  4. Transformational market consolidation


Investment philosophy

More than just an investment

We support companies facing complex challenges. To successfully transform themselves, they need equity, but above all, a real understanding of strategic and managerial issues and a trust-based relationship with shareholders. Aldebaran puts human capital at the core of its vision of transformational capital. We want to build, alongside the management teams transformation journeys to unlock hidden value and accelerate growth, with a native and integrated ESG approach.

A dual and complementary approach

Aldebaran has structured its organisation with a dual set-up consisting of an investment team and a value creation team, who work together through the entire investment process from sourcing to exit. Thus, each company benefits from a dual perspective, both financial and operational, during the entire investment period. This set-up is crucial to appreciate the complexity factors and allows us to effectively help companies realise their potential.